Useful Apps

From the moment I arrived in Bergen, I realized there was an app for everything – from searching to the northern lights, to finding a bus driving to the breathtaking waterfalls of Voss. The list highlights apps based on both personal and friends’ experiences,  that have turned out to be incredibly useful. Another plus is that they were all free!

I encourage you to download these before you arrive to both avoid using your precious data and to familiarize yourself with each of them before you need them. Although all of these are available for Iphone, you’ll have to double check if there is an option for other phones.

Whatsup App is what everyone uses to communicate with one another. It’s great because it uses data or wifi and allows you to contact anyone regardless of which country they are from. There is texting, group messages, audio messages, and even face time. The app also links with the exisiting contacts in your phoen.

XE Currency allows you to quickly see currency transitions.

Skyss is the app responsible for local transportation. You typically buy a Skyss card, with the student discount, when you first arrive in Bergen. The card allows you access to most of the busses and bybannen, or metro. Keep in mind, I mostly use Skyss Reise.There are three apps that will help you go further in exploring Bergen and the surrounding regions.

  • Skyssbillett allows you to buy tickets via app instead of using the kiosk. This is useful when you want to skip the lines, which is long when you take the night bybannen (metro). You have to buy special tickets trips after a certain hour.
  • Skyss Reiseplanlegger (online websitehelps you plan trips. It’ll tell you which buses to take and where to catch them. I’ve had great experience with it.
  • Skyss reise gives a time table for the bybannen and shows the entire line and stops.

Visit Norway shows you numerous activities you can be doing all over Norway instead of sitting in your room.

Norway Lights shows you when is the best night to see the Northern Lights. It’s awesome because it includes a bunch of cities. I have’t seen the Northern Lights yet, but with the help of the app, some of my friends have! is a resource I recently downloaded with a friend’s high praise of it. It gives you access to an offline map. Maps are organized by different region and the map for the region you are in will pop up on the screen. Note* you must download that particular maps information before you can use it offline. With that said, don’t go on an unknown hiking trail expecting to use the map if you haven’t downloaded both the app AND the maps you need.


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