Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The focus of this post is transportation. I remember when I moved to Berkeley, it was a massive culture shock to find out I had to walk everywhere. Bergen is similar in the sense that you walk every where. The city is small and as an exchange student, you don’t need a car. The city is full of cobble stones so since you’ll be doing lots of walking, make sure you have comfortable shoes.


If you’re like me, coming to Norway will be your first time to Europe. When you arrive here, you’re quickly realize how cheap it can be to fly between European countries. You can buy a ticket to Paris for $30! Remember that when you buy these tickets, you can use a student discount. 

Norwegian Air – Use the code UNDER26 for discounted prices. Make sure to make a free account because the reward points add up fast AND you can use them quickly. It’s not like airlines at home where you need fifty million points saved before they are useful

SAS – On the left side of the page on the bottom of ‘Book a Trip,’ select ‘Book a Youth Ticket’ and put in your information

RyanAir – They don’t have student discounts, but these are the cheapest tickets you will ever buy


Bybannen is the metro here. It will bring you from Fantoft (your likely home) to the city center. Once you get into the city, everywhere you’ll want to go is easily walkable.

Automobiles (Buses)

Bergen Bystasjon is the bus terminal in Bergen. The Skyss ticket you buy at the beginning of the semester allows you to take these buses all over the city. Use the Skyssplanneleger to plan a trip using these buses.

Tip: A friend recently told me that since he is 19, he can travel around on certain transportation for free. Research that if you’re under 20, which seems to be a legal age to do many things here.


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