My Housing

Since my room is in some kind of order, I figured now would be a perfect time to show you where you’ll likely live. I’ll describe both my own living situation and in another post, describe other possibilities and more details on Fantoft. Many places are considered student accommodation, like Alrek, apartment style places in the city, Fantoft (where I live), and more.

Fantoft is a student housing option operated by Studentsamskipnaden, also known as SIB. SIB runs housing and some additional areas such as gym access. Fantoft is composed of five buildings, referred to as blocks (block A, B, C, D, etc.) Some buildings are as high as eighteen floors and accomodate hundreds of students. There is a gym onsite and the Fantoft Klubb, which I’ll talk about later.

I live in a private room with my own bathroom. I share the kitchen with about eight students who live on my floor. We have separate spaces in the refrigerator, a lockable cabinet, and share the task of cleaning the kitchen. My room has desk built into the wall that spans across one wall of the room with five spacious shelves built above it. There is also a cozy bed (you need to supply your own sheets).

The closet space is quite generous too. To my right of the entrance is a double closet (about five feet wide) with an overhead shelf. On my left is the set of drawers. There are five large draws, a large cubby space, and two smaller drawers higher up.

I live on a higher floor and have a view of the forest. It’s relaxing to hear the wind blow through them at night. It’s even more beautiful to see the colors change over the course of five months.

Fast Tips:

The earlier you arrive, the more room options you have! I arrived on August 5th and although I selected something like this on my application, they gave me a choice as to the type of room I wanted in Fantoft. *Ask what are my options!

Bring one or two sets of sheets from home. They easily fit in your bag if you prioritize them over that pair of shoes and it’ll save you money when you arrive.

I bought an inexpensive quilt here! You could get lucky and do the same.

Two methods for buying gently used items: the Facebook page similar to free and for sale and 2) the “Fantoft Garage” hosted at the beginning of the semester until the stuff is gone. It’s a physical room where you can buy Ikea tables (as seen in the picture) for 15 NOK ($1.70), hiking boots, pans, etc.


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