Housing Related Tips

While you may come across a few of these tips on various related posts, you will find all tips relevant to housing consolidated here.


  • The earlier you arrive, the more room options you have! I arrived on August 5th and although I selected something like this on my application, they gave me a choice as to the type of room I wanted in Fantoft. *Ask what are my options!
  • Bring :
    • one or two sets of sheets from home. They easily fit in your bag if you prioritize them over that pair of shoes and it’ll save you money when you arrive.
    • A hand towel
    • two tubes of your preferred toothpaste
    • BRING YOUR HAIR PRODUCTS WITH YOU. My hair gel here is $53 compared to $9 at home
    • maybe your shampoo and conditoner too. The quantities are very tiny here and since I have a lot of hair, I go through them fast
    • Rubber bands
  • I bought an inexpensive quilt here! You could get lucky and do the same.
  • Save jam jars for lunch containers
  • Occassionally eat dinner in the shared kitchen. Don’t always run off to your room

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