Shopping Tips – Groceries, etc.

  • Stores I like that are cheap: Rema 1000 and Kiwi. Watch for sales
  • Bring a reusable bag with you to save a kroner
  • Beans are actually very cheap and versatile so if that’s not usually in your diet, start now
  • Two methods for buying gently used items: the Facebook page similar to free and for sale and 2) the “Fantoft Garage” hosted at the beginning of the semester until the stuff is gone. It’s a physical room where you can buy Ikea tables (as seen in the picture) for 15 NOK ($1.70), hiking boots, pans, etc.
  • Bring:
    • your toothpaste
    • hair products (seriously)
    • favorite food (I love Hershey’s baking powder because it makes THE BEST hot chocolate and mug brownies)
    • that seasoning or spice you use in every meal at home

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