Exploring the city with Tine

Tine is a long time friend of mine who conveniently lives in Oslo. She’s from Bergen and came to visit for an appointment. When she time in her schedule, we spent time catching up. We walked around the city and visited some of our favorite places.

For months, she has been trying to get me to go to Krok og Krinkel Bokcafe. Although it was nice to share my first visit with a close friend, I can’t believe I waited so long – It was beautiful!! The atmosphere was cozy with dim lighting and mix-matched tables. The space is located across from the fish market. When you walk down the narrow street, you’ll find Krok og Krinkel to the right and down three crumbling stairs. It almost seems like it is in a basement with how low the ceiling ends up being. Inside, there are two levels separated by a single step. You can sit for homework, chat with friends, or play one of the many board games available, including chess. The food is also delicious. I ordered a freshly made scone that tasted like it was made by my grandma herself.

Later, Tine and I just walked around the city and took a bunch of pictures. The picture of the purple bird, outside of Bluji was my favorite. I pass it on Bybannen every day so to finally get that picture was satisfying. Although I live here and walk around often, going with another person pushes you to walk down paths you hadn’t gone before. If any advice sticks, let it be this: be open to going down a new route – you don’t know where you’ll end up or what you will find along the way. 




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