Gingerbread Houses with ESN

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. As soon as November twenty-fifth hits, holiday lights are up and inflatable Santas are being pulled on roofs. For me, Christmas is family, hot chocolate, and driving up to Thoroughbred to look at the decorated houses, each with hundreds of flashing bulbs and lawns with over-sized candy canes and nativity scenes.

This year is a bit different. Strings of lights are going up everywhere and Christmas trees are sprouting up all over the city. Although I haven’t seen Thoroughbred, I do get to participate in other cultural traditions, like the making of gingerbread houses.

Bergen takes Gingerbread making serious. ESN, a student organization I am involved in, hosted a gingerbread house-making event. We provided everything from the fresh dough to the decorations. This was such a neat experience! Gingerbread houses at home cannot hold a candle to those created with the technique of Bergen. While I use gram crackers at home, we rolled and baked fresh dough here. While I use icing to stick walls together, it is traditional (and quite clever) to use melted sugar!! That moment of realizing how much stronger gingerbread house could be changed me. The technique will change my life for holidays to come.

My house below and all of those made at the event may be included in the Bergen’s annual Gingerbread Town.



One thought on “Gingerbread Houses with ESN

  1. […] in November, I wrote a post about an event I hosted with ESN Bergen where we built gingerbread houses. Dozens of international […]


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