Application Process


The application process for attending universities in Norway is facilitated by Seng in the Sociology office. She is incredibly helpful. She provided a to-do-list that made applying and meeting deadlines much easier. The purpose of this post will be to go over the forms and offices you will need to contact in order to come to Norway.

There aren’t many forms, but what was most challenging about these forms was that each form required signatures from several offices. With that said, I had to email to each office and receive it before sending it off to the next office. Therefore, it’s important to keep deadlines in mind and be sure to start as soon as you know you plan to go to go to Norway.

In preparation for the University of Bergen, I picked up the Independent Study Abroad (ISA) packet and filled out the following forms:

  • Planned Leave of Absence
  • Course Evaluation
  • Consortium Application
  • UDI

Planned Leave of Absence

  • The advisor responsible for this aspect of the application responds quickly.
  • Deadline: Fall – October 15 and Spring – April 15
  • Cost: $70

Course Evaluations

  • This is essentially a summary of the courses you plan to take. It’s fast and easy and should be submitted to the Study Abroad Office.

Consortium Application

  • This is the form you pick up from the Financial Aid advisors in the Study Abroad Office. They will email it to you if you physically cannot go into the office. This was the most bothersome form because it needed signatures from three offices. GET THIS DONE. One page is sent to UIB exchange office to sign and this same form then must be signed by the Sociology advisor. The Sociology advisor signs the other form.


  • UDI is responsible for issuing visas. There are two parts: online application and a physical appointment at an embassy or business that processes these forms. To set your appointment, you must complete the online application. They essentially only need names of your parents, siblings, addresses, and names of schools, etc. At this point, they don’t ask for scans of passports.
  •  When this online app is submitted, you set an appointment, which could be up to a month away. To this appointment, you will bring several things: your printed online application, colored copies of your passport, passport pictures, admission letter, bank statement, etc. Again, pretty easy. By this point in the process, it’s the end of the semester and you may be putting off the application. Let me say, just fill out the online application. You’ll get an appointment sooner.
  • I was in Washington DC when I completed this part. The appointment dates were lacking so I was able to sign up for an emergency appointment. This just meant that I was leaving the country soon and desperately needed them to review the information. Avoid being in that position.


  • Watch for deadlines! I don’t have relationships with the people handling my forms in Norway so you may not have that wiggle room you’ve previously used to finesse you’re way through deadlines.
  • Independent Study Abroad packet can be found at the Study Abroad Office, Admissions (Sproul 103), or you can print it online. The form is updated yearly so be sure you have the updated copy if you find it online.
  • Just finish the online application for UDI. It asks for basic demographic information. You don’t need forms until you walk in for your appointment one month later.




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