Getting to Bergen and Fantoft

The purpose of this post was to essentiallly describe with detailed pictures how you reach Fantoft (assuming that is your home) from the airport. However, Stand Heistand, the international student blogger for UIB, has already written a clear post about arrival. Therefore, I will simply tell you about my experience arriving and an alternate transportation option to reach Fantoft.

When I arrived in Bergen, I was incredibly lucky because I already knew Norwegians who lived here. I met them back in Berkeley and have kept in touch with them. My friend Lune described which bus to take to reach the city center and greeted me when the bus arrived.

After getting off of the plane, I already had a good idea of how I would find them. But let me say, I arrived and my phone didn’t work. I failed to get a travel plan with my phone company that would allow me to make calls and have data, etc. I couldn’t connect to the internet and I was kind of freaking out. My first time seriously out of the country and I was already a nervous wreck. I finally figured out how to reach my friend and all was good. I made it and you will too.

I took the bus to the city center where I met Lune. She helped me drag my heavy bags up the hill in the direction of the Student Center and her home. She was awesome because she hosted a party, kind of in my honor, to help me meet more people. Over the next two days, I became more familiar with the city, public transportation, navigating the university, and even began building my community of friends.

After picking up my keys from the Student Center, I was ready to head to Fantoft. As I walked out of Lune’s house with my two suitcases, her roommate asked me where my rain jacket was. He was nervous for me when he realized I didn’t have one at the moment so  he kindly lent me his sister’s jacket.

That soft drizzle turned to a downpour as I began my walk to the bybannen. Walking through Nygårdsparken, my arms started getting tired and I honestly wasn’t sure how I would make the rest of the walk through pouring rain and carrying such heavy bags. As I struggled down a set of stairs in the rain, I was fortunate enough to come across a woman who would end up helping me reach Fantoft. Since she was already walking to bybannen, she carried one of my suitcases and guided the way. She helped me buy a ticket, practice a bit of Norwegian, and lucky for me, find my room in Fantoft since she also lived in this student accomodation. Later into the semester, she even gave me three Norwegian grammar books!!

I am so grateful to have met such a kind, remarkable person here in Bergen. She was my first experience with Norway and the meeting, has been the essence of my time in Bergen.

Useful Website: Norway Railways and Bergen Bystasjonen

Tip: Take the free 1F from the airport to bybannen at the end of the line.


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