Hanseatic Museum + Julemarked

The semester is ending very quickly. Three people on my floor have already returned to their respective countries and by next week, five more people will leave. As the days wind down, many of us are trying to do as much as we can in the remaining days. Yesterday, two people from my floor went to the Hanseatic Museum and the Julemarked (Christmas market).

The Hanseatic Museum is located in Bryggen, just across the edge of the harbor. It’s in one of the old Bryggen buildings. The three floors are filled with some of Bergen’s economic history. Fish was a major commodity and the high yields influenced both the shape of the city and Norway’s relationships with other countries, like Germany. Some rooms in the museum had dried out fish hanging from the ceiling so some of the rooms smelled strongly of fish.

Following this outing, we walked over to the Julemarked. The clouds were low in Bergen today so we caught a great view of the city peaking out just over old Bryggen’s roofs. We reached the market and it was so neat because as we checked out stands with Nordic crafts, we were able to tour yet another old building in Bryggen. We ate a scrumptious pølse afterwards. If you choose to come to this in December, pay attention to the opening dates since it’s only four days long.

I hope to fill my days with more Bergen-related activities as the semester ends and friends continue to leave.


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