Bergen Rain – Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!

I went to the Humanities Library to get some studying in and I came across all of these umbrellas drying at the entrance. I thought it was so funny because there were SO MANY of them sitting there – different colors, sizes, and patterns. I shouldn’t have been so surprised since it was pouring outside.


The city of Bergen is synonymous with rain. When anyone thinks of Bergen or describes the city to a visitor, they always talk about the constant rain and broken umbrellas. Up until this point, my experience in Bergen has been nearly void of the constant rain. My days have been full of sun, hikes, and jean jackets. The sun was quickly replaced with the heavy, constant rain that breaks umbrellas with ease.

Seeing all of those umbrellas showed that my warm Bergen summer was coming to an end, but also revealed more about the culture of Norway. The fact that everyone was so willing to leave their umbrellas at the entrance like this was an example of the deep trust Norwegians and Scandinavians as a people feel towards others and between one another.

Although the rain was a bit of a surprise, I’m more prepared for it and have a better idea how to dress. Norwegians would be proud of my progress considering they often use the phrase, “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær.” It means there is no bad weather, just bad clother. Dress for the weather, and you’ll be plenty comfortable. I might pick up some of those rain pants I see so many wearing.

Byparken (the Village Park) is the first official park of Bergen houses the Grieg Sculpture.

Byparken (or the Village Park) is the first official park of Bergen. The Grieg Sculpture is at the center of the park and shows Edvard Grieg, the famous composer.


Two umbrellas. This guy has the right idea with the powerful winds and rain coming from every direction.


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