Back in November, I wrote a post about an event I hosted with ESN Bergen where we built gingerbread houses. Dozens of international students came to the event to roll dough, cut shapes, bake the fragrant dough into houses, and decorate them in different candies and chocolates. Mine was lovely because it was so tiny and had stained glass windows (yes, stained glass windows made from melted hard candy.) Each of these houses help make up the Pepperkakenbyen, also known as the WORLD’S LARGEST GINGERBREAD CITY!!

Each year, the innhabitants of Bergen come together to  build this gingerbread city! Children, students, and even organizations build their own houses and deliver them to the venue and they receive free tickets for entrance in exchange, otherwise, it’s 70 kroner.

I did this very Bergen activity with my American friend since it was one of his last days in the city. It was such a Bergen thing to do and it was well worth the experience. If you don’t participate in an event that gives you free acess, just know that the 70 NOK student discounted is well worth it!

As soon as I walked in, I was struck by the detail of the gingerbread titanic! It was amazing. When we walked further in, the magic of the event hit me. The first time I came to this venue was for a electronoic pop music night. The room was completely transformed. Painted walls were put up to help the visitors escape into a winter wonderland. The room was massive and was actually a giant, empty pool. As I walked around the room, the wave of gingerbread hit me repeatedly!

The collection of houses was massive. It replicated in good detail the city of Bergen from the Bybannen to the red stave church up on the hill. The best part was finding the gingerbread house I made during the ESN event.

There was giant slide for kids and a cafe/bar type thing for adults! Check it out!


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