Phone Services

When you land at the Bergen airport, you’re going to want to jump up either because you’re full of excitement or you need to walk off that twelve hour flight. Regardless of your reason, you’ll nonetheless want to take pictures and post everything you see. You might notice that your phone isn’t working, internet isn’t connecting, you essentially have no connection to the outside world (regardless of standing in the middle of an airplane surrounded by people.)

That brings me to my next post: cellular devices and data. As I have mentioned several times, free wifi is of abundance in Bergen, Norway. The people and the city are all quite generous when it comes to this luxury. The free giving of it shows how they may perceive it as a right as opposed to a privilege especially in an age of mass consumption of technology. Wifi can be found on the bybannen, on buses, and free at most restaurants. You even have access to EduRoam as a student of UCB or UIB.

This post is for the people who want service in between these frequent hotspots of wifi. You may just turn on your roaming data and use the data from your plan at home. I will tell you first hand, that is a massive mistake. – One more time for the people in the back – Don’t do it! Your bill of $40 will jump up to $300 faster than you can say, “But I need to post this!” or “People have to know what I’m doing.” Don’t do it.

Avoid unnecessary fees by purchasing a SIM card at your local narvasen or 7-11. They will sell you a sim card for some phone company and you follow up with them. There are two kinds of SIM services: prepaid and pay as you go. I bought a sim card that’s prepaid, meaning I buy a plan with a certain amount of data and phone calls and I have it for a month or up to 30 days for the data. Pay as you go is more like you’re charged for what you do. I like the former option. It’s worked best for me.

How to Activate SIM Card

Buy the SIM card at one of the aforementioned mentioned stores and bring your passport. They will have you fill out a form which includes your passport number and other details. It will be activated in no more than 48 hours. If your phone doesn’t work, go into the store and tell them so they can resubmit the form.

SIM cards and their contact information:

My call <- mine. Great experience. They have sales on data during Christmas time, such as buy one MB of data for two MB. There is also a chat function on the website. They can charge your card on file from their end, which can be convenient.

Chess Their website is in Norwegian, but they have a chat feature and most Norwegians know English.


  • Pick up a SIM card in the first week.
  • Don’t use your data from home! It will put a dent the size of Texas in your funds.
  • Be aware of the status of your phone. Depending on your situation, your phone may need to be unlocked in order to use other SIM cards.



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