Fløyen and Rundemanen

I hiked up Fløyen and Rundemanen with some friends from ESN, Erasmus Student Network, which is a student organization I joined. We’re planning a hike next week and today was the practice run to make sure we know the course. I wasn’t feeling so well so I planned on not going, but I got a message from one of the guys encouraging me to come. Although I was a bit late, I threw on some clothes, grabbed some apples, and jumped on Bybannen (the metro).

I met Benjamin and Robert with his three friends and we started up the path to Fløyen. It was just as challening as I remembered. The trail starts as a zigzag trail up the mountain – up flights of stairs and brief, yet steep paths. Even though it was challenging, it was a beautiful path! The three friends of Robert seriously work out and are in GREAT shape. They moved up the mountain really fast, but stopped now and then to wait for us…well, me… to catch up. I was lucky because Ben and Robert were super wonderful and walked at the same pace as me and helped me feel more comfortable about walking a little slower.

We reached the top of Fløyen, which is where I stopped last time, and saw it differently. I saw more troll statues and they were the neatest thing. There were a bunch of them – there were kid trolls, mom trolls, dad trolls, and even old trolls.

We continued on up the path and at this point, it was incredibly challenging. I felt kind of bad for holding up the three more advanced people, but over and over, they waited for us to catch up. We reached our destination, the grills that would be used during our hiking event, and went over more details about the day. I had lots of energy and wanted to walk more so we went higher. The crowds of tourists thinned as we trekked higher and gradually, the views of Bergen got better and better.

My lesson today: Build and maintain your network. It’s important to have people in your life who will support and encourage you when you feel especially low. The guys made sure I came and even offered to pick me up a sandwich for the top of the mountain.