As the months tick by, you’re going to start wondering what you can bring back to the states to remember your time here. Aside from the memories of eating a German apple thing or walking down thirteen flights of stairs for a 3 am fire alarm, you might want a tangible item.

I’ve thought about this for months. Most things are crazy expensive here so at first, I settled for a cheese cutter because as most Norwegians will tell you, it was invented here. (Interestingly enough, I bought it in Denmark, but don’t tell them that.) Over the last few days, I’ve been admiring some of the clothing I’ve purchased here. I promise it was all necessary. Since I’m from California, I can get away with shorts and sandals most days of the year so before coming here, I didn’t actually own any ‘real’ clothes. This is the first time in my adult life that I own a rain jacket! Can you believe that? Me either.

With that said, I’ve grown to appreciate practical items that serve a longterm purpose. What you ask is the best souvenir you will ever lay your hands on?!?!?!?


If you’re not lucky enough to have a Norwegian mom make you one and don’t want to spend more than $300 on a sweater, go to a second hand store!! I found myself wandering the streets when I first arrived to Oslo and stumbled upon this wowow second hand store named Uff. There were real fur and leather jackets, ski clothes, boots made of weird deer (?) fur (as seen in the picture), and loads of clothes from the 60’s.

Norwegian boots

I also saw this sweater, as pictured, months ago. I loved it. The blue and white stitching had such ornate designs. The swirls of the silver buttons seemed like they popped right off a vikings sweater. I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because it was $40 and as I said, I’m not used to buying ‘real’ clothes. I’m grateful the first sweater I feel in love with was still there.

Who knew that months later, I’d find myself in the same store ready to throw down 40 bucks for a well-made sweater probably stitched by someone’s mom and warm enough to keep me warm in the heaviest of snows. If you buy anything in this country, make it a wool sweater. You won’t be sorry!

Links to two second hand stores

Find an UFF or Fretex near you